Hiphop Sundays!

June 29, 2019

Hiphop Sundays are back !! Join us on sundays this summer !

We start with a free hiphop workshop for beginners at 3 pm and more advanced level at 4pm.We will finish the awesome sundays with Open practice. There are special circumstances right now so check out our guidelines on the FB-EVENT

Hiphop workshop with Shirley!

March 21, 2020

Shirley works in Stockholm where she works as a performer, choreographer and as a main teacher in streetdance at Dance and Circus University.

Shirley's artistic work and teaching are permeated by gender and intersectionality. She is one of the members of the dance and performance group JUCK, that challenges and pushes the boundaries of how a female coded body is expected to move.

Wik Loves Hiphop Dance Camp

March 12, 2020

Dance with us March 13-15!

During three days, we go through grooves, technology, rhythm, basic steps with choreographies and exercises in hiphop! The course is for you over 18 years.
Sweaty days filled with dance joy!
For more info, check out the Fb event :) 


December 14, 2019

Open training is converted into Sunday battles.


For you who are ROOKIE (the first time you battled or only battled a few times) or PRO (has battled several times, used to battles). There is no age limit but places are limited so sign up now!

All style 1vs1 - The DJ will play different music styles but mainly hip hop and you improvise in the dance style / styles you want. Come and support our community! 

House workkshop with Maele Cheza

November 16, 2019

Recently performed for the legendary Grandmaster Flash at the Polar Music Prize Ceremony on Tv4, showing his diversity as a DJ and Dancer.

Maele battles and has won numerous of titels. Juste debout Scandinavia, Juste Debout Nordic , Juste debout Paris world finals (Semifinalist), Baltic session (Estonia), Abyss House dance experience (Washington DC) etc.

What ?  House workshop
Where? Tiundaschools dancestudio
When?  17 november kl.15.00-16.30
Price? Endast 50 kr! Cash eller swish!

Hype workshop with Joaquin Perez!

October 19, 2019

Yess now we welcome back Joaquin!
Joaquin Perez has danced hip hop since 1989,

has taught since 2003 at various dance studios in Sweden as well as various dance studios in Russia.
Joaquin's focus is on hip hop basics, grooves, choreographies for 90's New Jack Swing.
It will be sweaty and really fun!

Check out the event for more info ! 

Hiphop Camp!

August 11, 2019

Hiphop Camp in collaboration with Wiks School!

Join us for three days with dance, amazing food and great nature around Wiks Castle! 

Check out the event for more info :) 

Yeess!! Hiphop Sundays is back!

June 29, 2019

Hiphop Sundays are back !! Join us on sundays this summer !

We start with a free hiphop workshop for beginners at 3 pm and more advanced level at 4pm.We will finish the awesome sundays with Open practice. A practice alone or with friends on what you just learned or whatever you want, the dance floor is open! 5pm - 6 pm. Everything takes place at the Dance Pavilion in Stadsparken and Danscenter in St:pers mall


Did we say it's for free ?! 

HOUSE Workshop With Toyin

May 18, 2019

Toyin is visiting Sweden and we are honored that we have managed to book her to Uppsala! 

Toyin grew up in Washington DC but travels the world to compete, judge and spread her knowledge in, among other styles, house.This is the first time she is in Uppsala and you do not want to miss it!

When? Sunday 19th may 6.30pm-8.00pm
Where? Uppsala Danscenter St:Per gallerian
Price? 50kr swish or cash

REGGAETON Workshop med Osmani Segura

March 27, 2019

Osmani Segura is coming to Sweden and Uppsala!! He is participating the Mama Rumba festival so we couldn't miss the opportunity to invite him to ULH!!

Osmani Segura specializes in latin dances such as, Salsa Cuban Style, Reggaeton, Rumba and a few Afro Cuban dances. He was born in Havana, Cuba, where he spent many years of his early career been part of several dance companies that allowed him to improve his skills and knowledge. For more info check out our FB Event! 


February 15, 2019

We are back with this year's first workshop!
Vogue femme with Silva Prodigy !!

Silva is a versatile dancer, dance teacher and choreographer from Finland. Her main style is vogue femme and she is a member of the vogue house "The House Of Prodigy". She competes in voguing around the world and has also won Woman's performance in vogue femme in Latex Ball, New York 2017.

For more info check out the FB Event :) 

Scholarship from Nordea foundation

January 14, 2019

Thank you Nordea for paying attention to us, and for the incredibly scholarship. Their motivation:

"Through their dance activities for children and youth, they are working hard to reduce the distance among people"

THANK you again Nordea!!! 

K U R A G E - Performance Lecture

December 31, 2018

 In this performance, different discrimination and power structures are taken. We are all a part of structures. Both as victims and rulers. 

"Based on our basis for equal terms and grounds for discrimination, Uppsala Loves Hip Hop has created a strong emotional dance performance (Performance Lecture) that touches and goes straight into the heart. Through the dance they raise questions about exclusion, bullying, sexual harassment, ethnicity and power. Great entrance for high school students for continued conversations about equal conditions and cohabitation. " Leena Zeitler Project Coordinator at the unit for principals education, Uppsala university

Dancers: Catarina Zarazua, Elin Örneholm, Marvil Iglesias & Mateja Kovacevic

Contact us for more info and price! 

Workshop with Ambra Succi!

December 14, 2018

Ambra Succi is a dancer and choreographer, CEO and artistic director of Diambra Dans AB. Ambra is a choreographer who has made a great impact in the swedish dance scene with Bounce Streetdance Company.

Our last event is going to be extra! We have Ambra Succi teaching again and you don't wanna miss it! 

Check out all the info on the Fb event! 

Yeess!! Hiphop Sundays is back!

June 30, 2018

Hiphop Sundays are back !! Join us every sunday in july !

We start with a free hiphop workshop for beginners at 3 pm and more advanced level at 4pm.We will finish the awesome sundays with Open practice. A practice alone or with friends on what you just learned or whatever you want, the dance floor is open! 5pm - 6 pm. Everything takes place at the Dance Pavilion in Stadsparken.


Did we say it's for free ?! In case of rain, we will be at Nannaskolan. 

​ Jam & Juice is back! For the third edition we are bringing more dance, music and juice! Workshop, All style Battle & Cypher Champion!

May 04, 2018

Where? Gottsunda Dans & Teater
When? May 5 , 3pm-11pm
Entrance? 50 kr or 5 fruits!

3pm - 4.30 pm House Workshop with Maele Reeflex & Rama
4.30pm - 5.30 pm Pause
5.30 pm Doors open for jam & battle 

Check out the FB event for more info! 

"Mateja Kovacevic and Catarina Zarazua Mujo are awarded the Uppsala Cultural Scholarship for their tireless work in creating dance works and projects, hoping to follow these two for many years to come".

March 17, 2018

"Both dancers and choreographers have a strong pronounced vision of reducing the distance between people through dance, something that resulted in several exciting projects. These two dancers have shown great commitment in their area, but also high artistic height on the works that were created, and gave Uppsala the "love" for hiphop". WOW! !Thank you very much to the Region Uppsala, Katja Sliwinski  & all you out there who support us! We hear and see you and are deeply moved!  


"Culture and Education has appointed 2018 participants in the mentorship program in dance. This year's adept is the Uppsala Loves Hiphop dance company, run by Mateja Kovacevic and Catarina Zarazua."

February 15, 2018

Yeeesss!! We are so happy to achive this years mentorship program from Region Uppsala. Our mentor will be the one and only Ambra Succi! We are so excited and already inspirered! You can read more about the program on the link below.

Mona Namér House workshop

March 23, 2018

Finally, Uppsala is visited by Mona from Gothenburg, and she will have a housedance workshop! 

Mona has studied at the Broadway Dance Center in New York and has since then been educated in Paris, London and South Africa. She has a broad knowledge of the various urban dance genres, and the main styles are Hip Hop and House with elements of contemporary, experimental and afro. Mona explores how dance and movement can be combined with other artistic expressions such as photo, film and other visual art. 

For more info and registration: uppsalaloveshiphop@gmail.com

FATTA! - with Cleo and JUCK

February 17, 2018

Membership prize on the show FATTA! - with Cleo and JUCK, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.
Choreographed activism, reality-based texts and burning hiphop with agenda to change the society. The messenger is one of Fattas' initiators - the rapartist and songwriter CLEO, as well as the dance and performance collective JUCK. In the waves of the #metoo movement, with reality-based texts, dance, music and cinema, the performance of FATTA's message to work against sexual violence and for consent. Only 100 SEK as a member (regular price 250 SEK). If you are a member you should received a link in the newsletter, if not contact us! If your not a member... become one! :) 

Movie night at Ungdomens Hus!

December 14, 2017

Our last get together for the year will be a movie night at Ungdomens Hus! We will watch two episodes of the documentary Hiphop Evolution. Come, chill and enjoy some free fika!! The documentary is in english with swedish subtitles, recommended from age 13.

Djazzé Workshop! Yees! We are so excited to have Joanna Skywalker here, who will have a workshop in Djazzé !!

November 23, 2017

Joanna Holewa Chrona aka Skywalker is an active dancer and project manager based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her strength is popping, but she has good knowledge of Hiphop and African dance styles like Sabar, Djazzé & Pantsula. Djazzé is an energetic dance style from the streets of Gabon (West Africa). It is danced to Afrobeat and two strong characteristics for the style are fast footwork and a lot of groove. The dance style has evolved in recent years and today there are many side lines to the style such as Ndem, Ntcham & Zyeute.

2017 years winner of "GeTillbaka" schoolarship – Catarina Zarazua Mujo och Mateja Kovacevic (Uppsala Loves Hiphop)

October 12, 2017

"Reflection, inclusion and solving social issues it's the sustainable theme of the winners".

Företagarna and the digital agency Wasabi Web gives this scholarship to uplift Swedens young leaders, role models and entrepreneurs. The annual event is hold at the Stockholm City hall. Together with the jury and peoples votes we manage to win this amazing scholarship. We are so honored! Thank you all that voted for us and your support! 

2017 YEAR'S CREATIVE UPPSALABO – Catarina Zarazua Mujo och Mateja Kovacevic (Uppsala Loves Hiphop)

August 16, 2017

"With dedication and moves that reach far beyond Uppsalas dance floor, they show that there are no limits if you want to bust a move. Uppsala loves Uppsala Loves HipHop!"

Every year the organisation U!Club Uppsala awards certain citizens of Uppsala for their contribution to the city. This year we got the award for being the most creative citizens. The jury and the peoples vote decided the outcome. We are honored and happy to have this achievement and thank you all for your support!

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